English Tuition

Growing Confident Readers and Writers

An individual program of study may include the following content:

  • Forest Learning Epping TuitionReading and Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Early Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Grammar, Sentence Construction and Punctuation
  • Handwriting
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing

At Forest Learning we give particular attention to the key areas as mentioned above.  All teaching and learning are in line with the National Curriculum.

Growing Confident Readers and Writers

Reading and writing are essential skills to be able to succeed in school and in life. At Forest Learning we want to see confident and independent readers and writers when we look at the students enrolled in our centre for English Tuition. Our qualified teachers are experienced in helping emerging readers through to those that simply needs a bit of help to achieve top grades.

We will always assess your child’s reading, writing and spelling before commencing with tuition. Following from there we will develop an individual learning program to address you child’s learning needs. Some students need support with specific areas, others just need a push in the right direction. If it is exam preparation or support in a particular area for your child that you are looking for, we will certainly be able to provide this. Our team of passionate and caring teachers is here to assist. Your child’s learning really matters to all of us which is why each child is being taught the skills that will enable them to succeed in class, at school and at home.

If necessary, handwriting is worked upon to ensure letters are formed correctly which ultimately leads to joined up writing. Attention to SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) are given at all times. Students are actively encouraged to read daily and develop their writing skills to a very high standard.

Forest Learning English Tuition

The process explained:

At Forest Learning it is important to understand your child’s ability to read, spell and write before commencing with tuition, hence the initial assessment prior to tuition. Once established we then develop an individualised program of study tailored to your child’s needs.

Our teachers will use a range of learning resources, computer activities, workbooks, worksheets and papers to teach your child. It is our aim to make the lessons varied and interesting to ensure children are engaged and learn. It is important that self-confidence are instilled and built at the same time as the tuition is taking place. Our aim is to support students to become independent and confident readers, spellers, writers and attentive listeners so they can succeed in school and ultimately in life.

We use an organic approach when teaching and supporting your child so your child’s individual teaching needs can be met. No child’s learning program is the same and homework is tailored for the individual.

Why it is important

A good command of the English Language will make a world of difference in your child’s life.  Those who are able to present themselves well, have the ability to clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas verbally as well as in writing and has a solid foundation and strong understanding of the English syllabus are in a strong position to move forward and succeed at school and in life. Once their essential skills of English are well established they will begin to enjoy learning and growing even more whilst tutored by our highly skilled qualified teachers. 

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