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Tests and examinations are a part of school life and life thereafter. Whilst our children cannot avoid it, students perform much better when they have the right support in place. We can help with removing the stress surrounding examinations by preparing them well and giving them the best chance at succeeding.

Whatever career path they choose in the future, it is essential that students gain good grades at GCSE in order for them to be able to study the A Levels that they wish to choose. Our SATs, 7+, 11+ and GCSE tuition ensures that students have a thorough understanding of the topics, curriculum and content.  During the run up to exams exam techniques are strengthened to enable our students to remain calm and focused during the exams.

We offer exam preparation in the following areas:

We prepare and encourage our students to understand the newer, tougher curriculum standards with plenty of emphasis on reasoning. The aspects of the new papers that students find especially difficult are included in our learning programmes. 

Working with your child as an individual our teachers ensure that students understand a range of question types they might receive. There is a huge emphasis on supporting students to learn how to think their way through difficult questions to find the correct answer. We always encourage students to show their workings even if they are reluctant to do so.

We are highly experienced in helping students to do well in the following papers: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG Papers), English Reading, Maths Paper 1(Arithmetic), Maths Paper 2 and 3 (both Reasoning). Though the SATs Writing Papers are marked internally by the school teachers, we are fully aware of the importance of these in preparation for Secondary School and beyond.

We’ve been preparing students for the 7+ as well as 11+ Examinations since January 2005 with great success. We provide the teaching and support any student deserves to enable them to do well. Parents are kept well informed at all times and whilst we cannot look into the future and predict success, we are proud of our results, knowing that we do all possible to ensure that students move forward to be well rounded achievers. We also aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to manage the demands of Grammar and Private School Education. We provide quality 7+ and 11+ tuition with a huge emphasis on teaching of skills and techniques using a variety of resources including practice assessments and papers.  We support and prepare your child to manage the demanding requirements of Secondary Selection Tests.

Selected/private schools either concentrate on all or some of the following areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Maths

  • English

Pending on which school(s) you are considering for your child, the relevant areas are taught. We have experience in supporting students to pass the Entrance Exams for the following schools with great success:

Bancroft’s, Chigwell School, Forest School, City of London Schools, Braeside, St Edmunds, Ilford County, Woodford County, Latymer, CSSE

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

With the new GCSE Curriculum in the forefront of our teacher’s minds, they will aim to instil an in depth knowledge built on solid foundations. A variety of resources will be used to teach depending on your child’s learning needs and style. As part of the exam preparation process past GCSE papers are widely used to work through detailed and individually structured programs of study. Progress is monitored allowing to identify areas that require further teaching and practise.

With the new GCSE Curriculum in the forefront of our teacher’s minds, they will aim to focus on Language and Literature Papers and take the time to ensure that students are confident when it comes to reading and writing. Teachers will also use a variety of other resources to support the student’s learning.  Comprehension will be worked upon, ensuring that the student gets used to analysing a variety of language styles and texts. Grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be developed to the highest level whilst ensuring that they develop robust and independent revision skills.

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