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We can help you with

Exam Prep

We can help with removing the stress surrounding examinations by preparing them well and giving them the best chance at succeeding. We’ve been preparing local students for a variety of exams since January 2005.

English Tuition

At Forest Learning we want to see confident and independent readers and writers. Our qualified teachers are experienced in helping emerging readers through to those that simply needs a bit of help to achieve top grades.

Maths Tuition

We are experts in helping students to catch up in maths at school at any point in time in their school career. Our teachers have an in depth knowledge of the National Curriculum.

Science Tuition

Our Science teachers are experts in their fields and highly experienced in teaching the topics within all three disciplines: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All exam boards are covered at Foundation as well as Higher Level. 


"Tuition at the centre has been one of the greatest commitment/investment that I have done for my daughter. My daughter has been going there for the past 3yrs (Year 3- Year 6) and I am pleased to say that my daughter received her results yesterday in which she obtained Greater Depth in all her SATS exams. Looking back from where she started .... she was not confident in Mathematics, from being Below Average in Maths to obtaining top marks. The lessons were tailored to my daughters needs and taking their advice on board is the most important thing to do. After every class you are given feedback which is very good. My advice to parents is start your child early if you can and don’t wait to register your child last minute when exams are approaching as most times spaces are not available. Highly recommended service . A big thank you to Erine (daughters tutor )and Hanna (Director) for all their hard work and patience with my daughter. Thank you."

Mrs M.

"Hannake delivers high quality tuition which is tailored to fit the needs of the students. The children enjoy the stimulating learning environment, which encompasses different activities for learning. All children undergo a thorough assessment before stating, ensuring the tuition programme is bespoke for them. The tutors are well vetted, highly qualified and trained to keep up to date with the need of the current curriculum. Children of all abilities and ages do well under Hannake’s tuition including those with special needs and those who are setting their sights at scholarships for Entrance Exams."

Local Head Teacher

"I couldn’t recommend Hanna and her team more highly. Both my children were tutored at the centre and both passed there 11+ entrance exams. Not only did they tutor them but I felt their teachers genuinely cared for them and helped them through this very difficult process."

Mrs SA.

"Highly recommend Hanna and her team. My daughter benefitted greatly from her time at the centre, particularly improving her confidence in maths. All tutors were great, genuinely having the students best interests at heart, taking the time needed to make sure things were understood whilst encouraging students to meet their full potential. 5 stars!"

Mrs R.

"Both of my children have had excellent results from tuition. The staff is really encouraging and supportive and Hanna is honest and full of advice."

Mrs W.

"The staff is lovely and really encourage the children. I would strongly recommend."

Mrs L.

"Our daughter N had always, from a young age, innately found maths a real struggle. How grateful we now are that we took on board the recommendation of after school tuition at the centre in Loughton. The quality one to one that Hannake and her team of expert teachers were able to offer her has totally transformed her situation. As a consequence N is now billowing with confidence in maths. So much so that having been encouraged to take her maths GCSE (Higher) one year in advance, we can proudly announce that she passed with a Grade A. Thank you, you’re amazing!"

Mrs NM.

"S came to the centre when she was 9. She was having trouble with maths and had got to the point where she would go blank when asked a question in class. The first thing which impressed me was that I was asked what kind of a teacher I thought S would work best with in terms of personality. I opted for someone calm because her school teacher was challenging and S was clearly not responding well to her. In the last two years S has gone from being scared of maths and having significant gaps in understanding (including not being sure how to subtract) to getting two scholarships to local senior schools. She has always been happy to attend sessions and has really grown in confidence. At the moment her tutor says she is doing maths three years ahead of her peer group. She brought back circle theorems to do for homework last week and I’m pretty sure I didn’t come across those until GCSE! It has definitely been a worthwhile investment in her future, but has also dramatically improved her confidence and therefore her happiness right now. I’m just glad I heard of the centre on the grapevine!"

Mrs B.

"Hi Hanna, we have made great progress. We took in the Dyslexia Screener Report and they are now giving 15 minutes of reading with him, put him on the SEN Register, they also get him to log into Purple Mash and are teaching him to touch type, so he can use a laptop in his SATs. They are being fantastic now we have the report. Thank you so much."


"Hannake and her team are very professional and makes learning interesting and enjoyable for children. My son loves attending Forest Learning Centre and is progressing well at school. He looks forward to attending his classes weekly and I am extremely happy that studying has been made to be fun and enjoyable."

Mr C.

"Cat has been an invaluable tutor for both my girls. When they have struggled and needed extra support – Cat’s excellent teaching has enabled them to thrive. More than that - Cat has always made us as parents feel informed, supported and valued. I would highly recommend Hannake and her team to anyone looking for extra educational support for their children - whatever end of the learning spectrum they are on."

Mrs K.

"We just got back from holiday to find offers for our daughter T from both Forest and Bancroft’s Schools. She is extremely excited to get them and will be going to Bancroft’s. Wanted you to be one of the first to know! Thank you so much for helping to get her there!"

Mr KH.

"To share some good news. Z got into Bancroft’s! Thank you for all your support and work with him."

Mrs HC.
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